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Intern Scholarship Program

We know that students who have internship experience are better hires for full time employment. We also know that working for a non-profit organization can be a rewarding way to see how community based organizations serves their clients and community at large. That’s why we created the Intern Scholarship Program.

How Can Your Organization Be Helpful?

A position must fulfill one of two criteria: It must be able to provide experience in a student’s major and/or provide experience in a skill that employers want to see developed in their hires. These skills include, but are not limited to, communication, leadership, teamwork, working in a diverse environment, administration and decision-making. Anything that will let the student learn about internal systems, policies and procedures would be a plus.

Students can work on regular weekly schedule or be assigned a project to be completed over a short period of time. Projects that would be considered would be constituent satisfaction surveys, setting up a social media option or analyzing internal and external policies and procedures. We prefer the students not be assigned to routine office functions or tasks that an organization usually has volunteers to do.

Use the Career Center’s job board, FrogJobs, to post your position. A brief summary of your organization’s mission and targeted clients is critical so a student can determine if that would be an area of interest. A description of the position and what the intern will be tasked with doing. How many hours and the hours of operation are involved, along with a starting and ending date.

Agree to complete a performance evaluation of the student’s work performance and contribution. They need feedback on how they did.

We would encourage organizations to contribute a percent of the student’s total scholarship back to the Intern Scholarship Fund. While this is not mandatory, it would help to serve additional organizations.

Only one intern per organization is eligible to receive a scholarship.

If you have questions about the program, you may contact Mike Caldwell, Executive Director.

If you have questions about posting or creating internship opportunities for TCU students, please contact Celeste Lindell Employer Development Manager.