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Intern Scholarship Program

Deadline for Summer and Fall 2019 ISP application to end on May 31st.


*Funds are not provided for tuition reimbursement or for future tuition.*

The Intern Scholarship Program is designed to provide scholarship assistance to undergraduate students wanting to do an unpaid or low-paying (less than $1,000 per semester) internship in their major field. The Intern Scholarship funds are for undergraduate students who would not be able to do the internships without some financial support.

*Reporting your internship in FrogJobs is required.

Process for applying for the Intern Scholarship Program:

  • Review the Application Guide.
  • Secure your internship. You can use FrogJobs to search for positions or you can contact a company or organization that fits your career plans. For more information on internships, contact your Career Consultant.
    • To be eligible for the Intern Scholarship Program, you must secure an internship external to TCU departments, programs, or direct supervision.
  • Complete and submit your Intern Scholarship Program Application.
    • For your application to be processed, you must completely answer ALL the questions AND submit your resume and written proof of internship from your employer (email confirmation, offer letter, etc.). 
  • Questions? Review the Intern Scholarship Program Frequently Asked Questions.  If you need additional information, contact Laura Chaney in the Career Center at 817-257-4141 or email.

Watch this video to learn more about the Intern Scholarship Program: