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Intern Scholarship Program

The Intern Scholarship Program is designed to provide scholarship assistance to undergraduate students wanting to do an unpaid or low-paying (less than $1,000 per semester) internship in their major field. The Intern Scholarship funds are for undergraduate students who would not be able to do the internships without some financial support.

Application processes and procedures for Summer 2020 are currently under review. Students may submit summer 2020 funding applications via the link below, however program details may be subject to change.

Process for applying for the Intern Scholarship Program:

  • Secure your internship. You can use FrogJobs to search for positions or you can contact a company or organization that fits your career plans. For more information on internships, contact your Career Consultant.
    • To be eligible for the Intern Scholarship Program, you must secure an internship external to TCU departments, programs, or direct supervision.
  • Complete and submit your Intern Scholarship Program Application.
    • For your application to be processed, you must completely answer ALL the questions AND submit your resume and written proof of internship from your employer (email confirmation, offer letter, etc.). 
  • Questions? If you need additional information, contact Mike Caldwell in the Career Center at 817-257-2222 or email.

Watch this video to learn more about the Intern Scholarship Program: