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Career Consultants are trained to address your specific needs based on your college, major and career goals. Make an appointment to meet with your consultant to get the personal attention you need for success.

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On-Campus Employment

There are plenty of job opportunities across TCU’s campus and the best way to find these is to log onto your student FrogJobs Powered by Handshake account. Each department has its own timeline for job postings and sets its own hourly rate based on the requirements of the position, jobs are posted throughout the year. Departments that typically hire many positions include the Campus Recreation & Wellness Promotion Center and the Library. New TCU students will have access to the Handshake system once classes begin.

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Career Tools

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Intern Scholarship Program

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Burnett School of Medicine Student Resources

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Plan Now For Your Career Development

The 4 Year Career Success Plan will walk you through the crucial steps to take each year in order to develop the job-search and career decision-making strategies you will use at TCU and beyond.

Work with a consultant on all stages of your career development, from choosing a major to preparing for interviews they are here to help.

Meet Your Career Consultant

Inquiry & Awareness

As a first year student we want you to start identifying your interest and areas of strengths.

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Assessment & Exploration

Your sophomore year we recommend exploring possible career paths.

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Gaining Career Experiences

Your junior year is when you need to focus on gaining professional experience through internships and part-time jobs.

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Job Search & Grad-School Planning

As a senior, we recommend you create a plan of action for obtaining that job at graduation or acceptance into graduate school.

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Student-Athlete Career Success Plan

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Undergraduate Employment Overview

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Diversity Career Resources

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