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Success Stories: Julia

Julia Z
Be proactive! Prepare for interviews before you ever even have one scheduled.

How have you benefited from using the Career Center services?

I am about to graduate TCU and the Career Center has been very helpful to me over the past 4 years! My freshman year, I found a job on campus as a desk assistant. My sophomore year, I found a posting for a Fort Worth law firm on FrogJobs and now I’m completing my 3rd year working for them. My senior year, when I received an invitation to interview at Goldman Sachs, the Career Center did a mock interview to help me prepare. I am grateful for that help! We prepared my answers to questions and I learned techniques for strong interviews.


How did working with the Career Center impact your internship/job search?

The weekly emails the Career Center sends helped me see what types of jobs were available. The search for internships was so much easier with the Career Center’s help and when I was ready to find a full time job they worked with me to prepare. The search is simplified by the tools available on FrogJobs.


What was the most helpful advice given to you by the Career Center?

My Career Consultant taught me how to ace a video interview. We worked together to make sure I was ready and the strategy of having sticky notes all over my computer and desk with key points I wanted to make really helped. I was extended an offer for Goldman Sachs after that interview!


What challenges were you facing and how did the Career Center help you solve them or motivate you to solve them?

Freshman year, I wasn’t very skilled in being interviewed, but the Career Center helped me solve that by practicing with me and giving me tips. It was really nice that I was encouraged to do a mock interview freshman year before I interviewed for on-campus student groups.


What advice would you give others facing the same challenges you did?

Be proactive! Prepare for interviews before you ever even have one scheduled.


Were there any specific events you went to that were beneficial? If so which one and why was it helpful?

For me, the one-on-one meetings worked best. Meeting with Career Consultants was invaluable. After all the help I received from them, I was able to assist in the RA interview practice workshops for younger students.