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Success Stories: Hannah

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I knew I had so many options, and with the help of the Career Center, I fell into a field that I absolutely love.

How have you benefited from using the Career Center services?

The Career Center was incredibly helpful when I was trying to figure out exactly what path I wanted to take with my degree. I knew I had so many options, and with the help of the Career Center, I fell into a field that I absolutely love. They helped me rebuild my resume, gain confidence in interviews, and since I worked there as a student, I was able to work on my team-building and conversation skills.

How did working with the Career Center impact your internship/job search?

With the interests I already had, the Career Center made the search a bit easier for me. Many times we have no clue that many jobs out there actually exist, and the Career Center opened my eyes up to opportunities and careers that I never thought about. It was also wonderful to have the Career Center team by my side. If I ever needed a quick question answered about my resume, cover letter, etc, then I could walk into any of their offices and they were always willing to help me!

What was the most helpful advice given to you by the Career Center?

Their confidence in me was most helpful. I was told by multiple Career Consultants that the content on my resume was perfect for the field that I was interested in going in. Also, their advice to learn how to network was very important, as that is how I got my full-time job.

 What challenges were you facing and how did the Career Center help you solve them or motivate you to solve them?

My junior year, I was faced with an unclear path. I knew I loved math and economics, but I was not exactly sure where I wanted to go with that. The Career Consultants helped me brainstorm different positions, sectors, and opportunities that I would maybe be interested in. They also told me that researching different fields and positions is very important when figuring out what you want to do, so then I began to research!

What advice would you give others facing the same challenges you did?

NETWORK! There was a point in time when I thought people just said to network just because. However, IT IS SO IMPORTANT! The more people you know, the better. If you network correctly, and prove to others that you are productive and efficient, it is amazing how many opportunities can come your way! (I see it happen all the time)

Where there any specific events you went to that were beneficial? If so which one and why was it helpful?

I don’t remember the name of the event, but I do remember they were giving away tacos on the first floor of Rees-Jones, so naturally I had to stop by. This was after I worked for the Career Center, and it was great to get some questions answered about interviewing, and also about using my LinkedIn. (The event was “Taco About Your Career” where TCU students could meet with Career Consultants in an informal setting.)