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Sophomore Year

Your sophomore year we recommend exploring possible career paths. Below are steps to take to continue on the 4 Year Career Success Plan.

  • Clarify your academic major and determine other experiences you need.
  • Actively participate in social and community service activities, seek out leadership opportunities on and off campus, consider study abroad.
  • Upload your resume to FrogJobs to explore part-time employment and internship opportunities.
  • If applicable, apply for the Intern Scholarship Program that is designed to provide scholarship assistance to students that have an unpaid or low-paying internship in their major field.
  • Test interests and develop leadership skills through part-time employment, campus activities, internships and sorority/fraternity life.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile to track your college accomplishments and join the TCU Career Networking Lounge
  • Attend the fall and spring Career & Intern Expo to explore job and internship opportunities.
  • Meet with your Career Consultant to review or create a resume, discuss FrogFolio, develop an internship strategy and more.