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Junior Year

Your junior year is when you need to focus on gaining professional experience through internships and part-time jobs. Below are suggestions to help you progress on your 4 Year Career Success Plan.

  • Create your general definition of success and pursue opportunities to help you achieve it.
  • Review your social media presence. Determine your personal brand that you want to portray and ensure your social media platforms represent that brand.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile with new accomplishments.  Research TCU alumni on LinkedIn with career paths you find interesting and who work at organizations you want to explore.  Reach out to them and begin networking.
  • Upload an updated resume to FrogJobs to explore part-time employment and internship opportunities. Visit FrogJobs often to stay up to date on on-campus interview opportunities, information sessions, and events.
  • Continue to gain hands-on experiences and focus on internships.
  • If applicable, apply for the Intern Scholarship Program that is designed to provide scholarship assistance to students that have an unpaid or low-paying internship in their major field.
  • Explore graduate schools and international/study abroad opportunities.
  • Attend the fall and spring Career & Intern Expo to explore job and internship opportunities.
  • Meet with your and Career Consultant to help with mock interviews, resume reviews, internship search advice and much more.