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Senior Year

As a senior, we recommend you create a plan of action for obtaining that job at graduation or acceptance into graduate school.  Below are steps to take in the final year of your 4 Year Career Success Plan.

  • Finalize future plans and prioritize targeted industries, geographic locations and/or graduate schools.
  • Assess your talents and work with your Career Consultant to create a plan to market your experience to potential employers.
  • Conduct practice interviews with your Career Consultant to be ready for that job interview.
  • Network and use social media to promote your talents. Utilize LinkedIn to connect with TCU alumni that have career paths or work at organizations that you find interesting.
  • Attend the fall and spring Career & Intern Expo to explore job opportunities.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile with new accomplishments, and review your LinkedIn profile with your Career Consultant. Most employers will view your profile to make sure it looks great.
  • Upload an updated resume to FrogJobs to explore full-time employment. Visit FrogJobs often to stay up to date on on-campus interview opportunities, information sessions, and events.
  • Meet regularly with your Career Consultant. They will help you with practice interviews, resume feedback, job search advice, create networking strategies, review graduate school applications and more.