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Success Stories: Steven

The Career Center played a huge role in helping me find firms to interview with when the time came.

How have you benefited from using the Career Center services?

The Career Center has been a phenomenal resource to me. They have helped me with everything from interview prep, to job searching, to developing a personal network, and have been a great place to turn to for work/life advice.

How did working with the Career Center impact your internship/job search?

The Career Center played a huge role in helping me find firms to interview with when the time came. They have a great network to tap into, and it was an opportunity they helped me find that eventually led to my full-time offer for work after I graduate.

What was the most helpful advice given to you by the Career Center?

The best advice I was given by the Career Center was to start preparing for interviews early. The more interviews you do the more comfortable you get in them and the Career Center is a great resource to take advantage of for interview advice and prep. I really feel like the preparation and advice they provided made a big difference in how I performed in interviews.

What challenges were you facing and how did the Career Center help you solve them or motivate you to solve them?

When I first began searching for internships in college I did not have a great understanding of what firms would be hiring and which firms I should be pursuing. The Career Center has a great network and really helped me understand the landscape better, and they pointed me in the direction of the right opportunities to pursue.

What advice would you give others facing the same challenges you did?

I would engage in some mock interviews with the Career Center so that you will be comfortable when it comes time for the real thing. I would also start developing a relationship with the Career Center staff early. They truly care about TCU and helping its students succeed and they have the experience, resources, and network to open doors so that you can pursue a wide range of opportunities. They can also provide great advice along the way.