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Success Stories: Alex

The worst that can happen is that you get “no” as an answer, and that means you’re meant to do something else.

How have you benefited from using the Career Center services?

I not only found theatre work in the DFW thanks to the Career Center, but I also learned more about what it takes to promote myself to potential employers, how to properly organize my resume, and how to motivate myself to keep working hard. I always gain so much more confidence in myself after leaving appointments with my Career Consultant.

What was the most helpful advice given to you by the Career Center?

I don’t know if this actually counts as advice, but my Career Consultant is the one who talked about the arts administration minor offered at TCU during the fine arts session at orientation. If he didn’t mention it, I would’ve tried to squeeze a business minor with my BFA Theatre Design degree and that would have stressed me out! The arts administration minor is going to be super beneficial to me as a fine arts major, since it will teach me how to be a leader in my emphasis in theatre and how the fine arts work from a business perspective.

What challenges were you facing and how did the Career Center help you solve them or motivate you to solve them?

Before coming in, I knew that I needed to find opportunities in the DFW area to study costume design and the administrative side of theatre as well, but I was absolutely clueless on where to begin and how to get myself out there, and I was scared on being rejected due to my age. Coming in and working with my Career Consultant gave me reassurance that I could find work and learn more about my desired career path. Thanks to my Career Consultant I am now the assistant costume designer for a regional production of Sweeney Todd in Dallas!

What advice would you give others facing the same challenges you did?

My advice is kind of cliche, but that means it’s true: if you want something, just go get it! The worst that can happen is that you get “no” as an answer, and that means you’re meant to do something else. Everything happens for a reason.