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The Center for Career and Professional Development is your partner in today’s competitive, global job market. Our goal is to work with you to develop job search and career decision making skills and strategies you will use in college and beyond.


Meet your Career Consultants

Career Consultants are trained to address your specific needs based on your college, major and career goals.  Make an appointment to meet with your consultant to get the personal attention you need for success.

Intern Scholarship Program

The Intern Scholarship Program is designed to provide scholarship assistance to students wanting to participate in an unpaid or low paying (less than $1,000 per semester) internship in their major field.

Career Tools

Find resources that will help you develop a resume specifically for your college, brush up on your interview and networking skills, create an e-portfolio and more.  With these Career Tools, you’ll be on your way to reaching your goals.


Our new and improved FrogJobs empowers you to make strategic career decisions. Connect with employers, find internships and jobs, post portfolios and gain interview, offer and salary insight on organizations you are interested in. Here is our FrogJobs Guide to help you get started.

4 Year Career Success Plan

The 4 Year Career Success Plan will walk you through the crucial steps to take each year in order to develop the job-search and career decision-making strategies you will use at TCU and beyond.