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Online and Social Networking

This is an everyday activity for the majority of college students so use it to your advantage in your internship or job search.

  • Facebook is a great way to network, however be sure your profiles are consistent with how you want an employer to view you. Did you know that some employers look up potential employees online before offering them a job? Just be aware that your Facebook page could affect your job offers.
  • LinkedIn gives you a professional presence online. LinkedIn is free and allows you to post your résumé and network in a professional setting. Many people don’t know that you can also link to other social media websites from your LinkedIn profile. Do you write a blog that employers might find interesting or have you created a video for a class project that highlights your creatively…link to it from your profile. Just be sure it presents you in a professional light. One last tip, always keep your information up-to-date.
  • Plaxo acts as a dashboard for all of your social networking sites.
  • Flickr show you images of the Career Center and events.
  • Twitter is a great way to get quick updates on events and career related news.
  • Pinterest has great ideas on interview dress, work/life balance and much more.
  • YouTube features over 100 videos on everything you need to know career related.
  • The TCU Career Center Blog has event information, employee spotlights and interesting articles.