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Individuals on average have 11 jobs in one lifetime—the number is expected to be even higher for emerging generations of professionals. The Center for Career and Professional Development offers a variety of tools on your journey of self-discovery to explore the best career path and major for you.

Strong: Used with a Career Consultant this interest inventory helps you explore your interests, generate careers options to consider, and suggest experiential and educational opportunities aligning with your interests.MBTI: When interpreted by a Career Consultant, helps you understand your natural preferences, suggests strategies for career exploration and development, and allows you to explore job families and occupations for your type preference.StrengthsQuest: Helps you to discover your top 5 talent themes and learn strategies to achieve greater academic, career, and personal success. To receive StrengthsQuest information, please contact the TCU Leadership Center.

Choosing A Major?

Career Center Consultants 

Consultants can help you identify majors or careers that may be of interest and then guide you to the tools and resources needed to gain additional information. Please call 817-257-2222 to schedule an appointment