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Know Your Worth

The best way to protect yourself from being underpaid is to know your worth before entering into any discussions about salary. You need to be confident in promoting yourself at the appropriate salary level and the links below will help you discover what that is.


Discover what you’re worth in your career.


PayScale has collected salary and career data from more than 35 million people, covering 12,000 job titles and 1,100 distinct industries in 150 countries. is devoted to delivering accurate and credible salary calculations and salary-related advice. But we also understand that your salary and earning potential empowers you to make pivotal life decisions—like picking a college, or buying a home or retiring early. is more than just salary information, its advice on making life’s decisions.

LinkedIn Salary

Discover your earning potential with LinkedIn Salary. Explore salaries by job title and location. See how years of experience, industry, location and more can impact your salary.

Student loans are a common way to fund education, and they provide educational opportunities that you otherwise may not be able to afford. But in many cases, graduates are left with a diploma and an enormous financial burden of student loans and credit card debt – and maybe no job in sight. This website will give you the tools you need to understand and manage your debt.

The Simple Dollar Debt Payoff Calculator

Whether it’s medical bills, student loans, or credit card debt, The Simple Dollar wants to help you create a plan to eliminate your debt quickly. The average credit card debt in the U.S. is over $15,000. That debt costs us money and prevents us from doing things we want to do. Perhaps more importantly, debt creates too much worry, fear and stress. Solidify your plan to tackle credit card and other debt with their Debt Payoff Calculator.