Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are here to support you! Our team is working remotely, and we are available to meet with you via Zoom. To see our full schedule and sign up for an appointment, log in to Handshake.

Here’s a video with instructions on How to Schedule an Appointment.

Having trouble finding an appointment time that works for you? Email

Companies are working hard to identify virtual work solutions to honor their internship and full-time offers. The good news is, many of the skills you are using currently, like Zoom and other distance learning technologies, will help you to successfully navigate a virtual working environment.

Here are some questions you may want to ask if your internship becomes virtual:

  • What will my tasks and responsibilities look like?
  • How will training and supervision be provided?
  • What technologies will be available to help me maintain contact with my supervisor, team, or clients?

Reach out to the Alcon Career Center. You can schedule an appointment in Handshake or email your career consultant directly. We are working with employers every single day to identify new opportunities for internships and full-time roles. Check Handshake regularly for new job postings and virtual events.

Yes, absolutely. If you have not heard from your company, it’s okay to reach out to your Human Resources contact or recruiter to check on the status of your internship.

Many companies have not yet made decisions regarding internship or full-time offers, or they are exploring potential virtual options. Before you call your company, think creatively of how you might be able to support their work as an intern in a virtual format. They will appreciate your forward-thinking, and it may even give them some ideas to consider!

We are updating Handshake every day with new internships and full-time opportunities. When searching for opportunities in Handshake, we recommend that you search broadly—don’t narrow your results with too many filters. It will be most helpful to sort by posting date to find the most recently posted internships and full-time jobs.

LinkedIn is also a great resource for your job search. You can see when the position was posted and if you have any connections or TCU alumni working there. Use this time to think about expanding your professional network in LinkedIn by following companies and reach out to alumni working in fields you are interested in.

One of your most powerful resources is your personal network. Think about your parents, your parents’ friends, your friends’ parents and the type of work they are doing. Perhaps reach out to them to inquire about potential internships or virtual internship opportunities.

Several employers are currently on a hiring freeze while they determine the impacts of COVID-19. Even though you may still be in the running for the opportunity, the hiring freeze prevents managers from making new offers. If it has been two weeks since your interview, it’s okay to follow up with the hiring manager, but manage your expectations that this may significantly change their timelines.

Employers without hiring freezes may be evaluating their ability to convert final rounds of interviews to a virtual format. Employers will keep you updated on the next steps in the virtual format. If you aren’t familiar with video interviews, this could be a good time to practice.

Yes, keep checking the Events page in Handshake. We will continue to post opportunities for virtual career fairs, employer hosted events and webinars. 

You can prepare for virtual recruiting by practicing video interviews using Interview Stream. To create an account in Interview Stream, review this document for detailed instructions. If you have any questions, contact the Neeley Professional Development Center (PDC). Interview Stream allows you to practice video interviews anytime by providing existing interview question templates or allowing you to create a custom interview practice by selecting questions from the database.